Sunday, May 19, 2013

e-Sign vs. e-Notarization

There are some confusions as to what an e-Signing versus an e-Notarization is so I will briefly explain the differences.  An e-Notarization is where a notary public notarize documents electronically over the internet with what is called a digital stamp or signature prescribed by a commissioning state.  This is all done over the internet so there are no papers to be printed or notarized with a wet signature.  California currently does not allow e-Notarization.

An e-Signing on the other hand is little different from the e-Notarization in that the signers can sign the documents electronically but notarization can not take place over the internet.  The forms which needs to be notarized needs to be printed out, signed and notarized by a notary public with a wet signature.  E-Signing are allowed in California.

As a Notary Public in San Jose, Milpitas and Fremont I am commissioned and equipped to perform e-Signing for anyone who requires a loan closing agent in the Santa Clara, Alameda, and San Mateo County.  Thank you for reading and I look forward to serving you.