Saturday, May 18, 2013

Notary Public's Limitations

Notary Publics are an official of the state but when it comes to the practice of law, it is strictly prohibited.  Notary Publics are what we call ministerial officials.  Unlike an attorney they do not and can not practice law unless they also have a license to do so.  As a notary I can NOT:
  • advise you in regards to a document
  • interpret documents
  • prepare documents
  • complete documents
  • draft documents
In general, anything that implies the practice of law is a no-no.  Therefore, if you have any questions regarding your document please ask the originator of the document or an attorney before coming to a notary public to have it notarized.  Even if I know what type of notarial acts to perform I can not even make that decision for you.  As a signer, you can select which notarial act to perform but I can not make that determination for you.  For further clarification please contact Brian's 24Notary, a San Jose Notary Public Service CA 95132.  For more prohibition please click on the link to read the Disclaimer.